Call for Papers on Thornton Wilder: “Uncharted Territories”

The Wilder Society is calling for 15-20 minute paper proposals on “Uncharted Territories” of Thornton Wilder’s works for the 23rd Annual Conference of the American Literature Association. We welcome proposals on Wilder’s one-act plays, adaptations, his screenplay for the Hitchcock film Shadow of a Doubt (published in Thornton Wilder: Collected Plays and Writings on Theater, Library of America, 2007), fiction, and particularly any paper prompted by the recently published collection The Selected Letters of Thornton Wilder. The panel “Uncharted Territories” is presented as part of a series of panels on the topic sponsored by the American Theatre and Drama Society, the Susan Glaspell Society, the Arthur Miller Society, the Eugene O’Neill Society, and the Thornton Wilder Society. The ALA conference will be held on May 24-27, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency, Embarcadero in San Francisco. We encourage graduate students as well as established scholars to submit 200-word proposals including name, academic affiliation (if applicable), e-mail address, and paper title by January 27, 2012, to Dr. Park Bucker, USC Sumter (

For information about the conference please visit the ALA website.

Update: We are no longer taking paper proposals. The cut off date was January 27, 2012. Thanks to all those who contributed their work.