Watch a Short Film on Our Town’s Legacy

On February 4th the Society joined the Wilder Family at Ford’s Theatre for a special 75th anniversary Our Town event. The program included the presentation of the Thornton Wilder Prize to Rocco Landesman, former NEA Chair and successful Broadway producer; readings from Wilder’s works by D.C. area actors; and a short film entitled In Our Living and Our Dying: Our Town in the 21st Century, which included interviews with playwright Will Eno and actors such as Eric Stoltz.

The Wilder Family has released the short film online for all viewers. Continue below for their announcement, along with additional details. Click on the video to view the complete film.

In Our Living and Our Dying: Our Town in the 21st Century
Directed by Mark Blankenship
After 75 years, Thornton Wilder’s Our Town is still one of the most prominent plays in the American theatre. But why? Exploring the play’s legacy, In Our Living and Our Dying features a remarkable group of artists, scholars and theater fans, including actor Eric Stoltz, director Gregory Mosher, playwright Will Eno and translator Julie Vatain. These “Wilderians” challenge assumptions about the play’s content, define its theatrical genius, and reveal how it changed their private lives. They also deliver surprising performances of their favorite scenes.