David Cromer on Our Town

Cromer Kansas City Repertory Theatre

Credit courtesy: Kansas City Repertory Theatre

David Cromer, director of the longest running production of Our Town (2009, Off-Broadway), was interviewed for Kansas City Public Media’s Director’s Cuts series.

Currently, Cromer is directing a production of Our Town at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre.

A sample of his interview for the Director’s Cuts series is provided below.

You mention it’s been a staple of high school drama departments for years, and having done this inventive, wildly successful production, has Our Town been misjudged or devalued or what for all these years?

I wouldn’t place a judgment on anyone saying they devalued it or misinterpreted it but I guess I’d say, since you’re used to it, you don’t think about it again. You don’t think about it as much or you don’t think about it anew.

So I guess, in a lot of ways, that’s one of those things that happens in the play ideally, is that it shows you initially these very mundane things. People talk about breakfast and they deliver the milk and they deliver the newspaper and they talk about their homework and they say, ‘Can I carry your books home for you?’ But there’s a lot there.

Honestly, we did actually set out not to subvert Our Town but to say, ‘How would we get it to do that again?’

To read the complete interview, visit the Kansas City Public Media’s website.

For information about Cromer’s latest Our Town production, please visit the Kansas City Repertory Theatre website.

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Credit courtesy: Kansas City Repertory Theatre