Performance: The Skin of Our Teeth

George and Maggie Antrobus have been married for a mere 5,000 years. They have two perfect children, and a vamp for a maid. Just a typical American family living in a present-day New Jersey suburb, but also the first family of the human race, and they must survive the Ice Age, the Flood and War — all by the skin of their teeth.

As reported by, Douglas Morrisson Theatre’s “[…] production of The Skin of Our Teeth is directed by Artistic Director Susan E. Evans and features an impressive ensemble of Bay Area actors: Dale Albright as Mr. Antrobus, Cynthia Lagodzinski as Mrs. Antrobus, Lauren Hayes as Sabina, Alan Coyne as Henry, Wendy Wyatt-Mair as Gladys, Eve Tieck as The Fortune Teller, and Reg Clay, Caitlin Evenson, Laurie Gossett, Radhika Rao, Wayne Roadie and Jon Wat as the Ensemble. […]

“The 1943 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Best Drama, The Skin of Our Teeth is a timeless classic of the American stage, as wacky and moving today as it was over 70 years ago. […] The Skin of Our Teeth manages the near impossible feat of being an allegory about all of humanity and the boisterous chronicle of one family.”

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