“Why Wilder Matters in the Trump Era”: Read the New York Times Article

In anticipation of Theatre For A New Audience’s opening of The Skin of Our Teeth, The New York Times published an article about how the play is relevant to our current times, with comments by Paula Vogel, Bartlett Sher, Carey Perloff, and TFANA director Arin Arbus.

Jeffrey Horowitz, the founding artistic director of Theater for a New Audience, said he didn’t choose the play with topicality in mind. But Wilder had his own suspicions about when it resounds most powerfully. As he explained in the 1950s, in a preface to his collection Three Plays: “It was written on the eve of our entrance into the war and under strong emotion, and I think it mostly comes alive under conditions of crisis.”

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Theater for a New Audience The Skin of Our Teeth

From left, Kecia Lewis, Reynaldo Piniella and Fred Epstein in The Skin of Our Teeth, a Theater for a New Audience production in Brooklyn.
(Richard Termine for The New York Times)