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Thornton Wilder, Greta Thyssen, Paul Ford and Louise Talma at the opening of the film, “The Matchmaker.” (1958) Source: Louise Talma Papers

Technology can connect us to playwrights, professional actors, scholars, and Wilder enthusiasts through video, providing a more immersive experience.

The following contents are shown purely for archival purposes. The Society makes no claim to ownership of the videos, which are linked here from accounts on Youtube and other video providers that are unaffiliated with the Society.

Watch a Short Film on Our Town’s Legacy

In 2013 the Society joined the Wilder Family at Ford’s Theatre for a special 75th anniversary Our Town event. The program featured a short film entitled In Our Living and Our Dying: Our Town in the 21st Century, which included interviews with playwright Will Eno and actors such as Eric Stoltz. The Wilder Family has released the short film online for all viewers.


Emergency Service Raises Funds with Wilder

On December 20 and 21, 2014, employees of Montgomery County Emergency Services in Norristown, Pennsylvania, staged Our Town in a theater on the grounds of the Norristown State Hospital for the patients and community. The cast included MCES crisis workers, case managers, social workers, registered nurses, psychiatric technicians, allied therapists, and administration – many of whom had never been in a play or, at least not for several decades. Watch this 7-minute documentary that manages to capture the beauty and emotional effect of Our Town, as well as what the experience was like for the MCES staff. Additionally, you can read more about the production in our News area.