The Collected Short Plays of Thornton Wilder Volume I

The Collected Short Plays of Thornton Wilder Volume I

Published: May 1, 1997
Type: Short Plays and Essays

This is the first volume of short plays in a uniform edition, complete and well edited by Wilder’s literary executors. A third of the plays here have either been out of print for years or have never been available before, Wilder having removed several plays from publication and left others in a slightly unfinished state. The volume contains some acknowledged masterpieces, such as The Long Christmas Dinner and Pullman Car Hiawatha, but others read like studies for unwritten plays. Included are two essays on Wilder, one by John Guare and another by John Gassner. Both focus on the duality in Wilder’s work, which continues to make him something of an enigma.

Table of Contents
by A. Tappan Wilder

by John Guare

Part I
The Long Christmas Dinner and Other Plays in One Act
The Long Christmas Dinner
Queens of France
Pullman Car Hiawatha
Love and How to Cure It
Such Things Only Happen in Books
The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden

Part II
Plays for Bleecker Street
(Plays in One Act for an Arena Stage)

Introductory Note
by Donald Gallup

The Seven Deadly Sins”
The Drunken Sisters
The Wreck on the Five-Twenty-Five
A Ringing of Doorbells
In Shakespeare and the Bible
Someone from Assisi
Cement Hands

The Seven Ages of Man”
The Rivers Under the Earth

The Two Worlds of Thornton Wilder
by John Gassner

Bibliographic and Production Notes

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